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Author and Educator

Majest & Royal Present:
Alphabet Affirmations

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In the Kingdom of Kaybia, its people create a special bond through service, honor, kindness, and togetherness. This produces a contagious energy that illuminates the land. It helps everyone value each other as well as honor the Kaybian Creed:

“Together we strive, together we’re strong, and together we’re better than ever.” 


There’s nothing more affirming than a child seeing who they can become, especially when the person is their father and teacher.  It’s these words, “Bring me a solution” that author and educator Kerby Hypolite uses to challenge not only his son, but students. 

Born in Nassau, Bahamas, and the eldest of nine children, Kerby is a natural problem solver, analytical thinker and leader. 


At five-years-old,  was sent to live with his father in the United States for better opportunities. He grew up in Orlando, Fl., and became the first in his family to graduate high school. 


Kerby eventually joined the United States Navy in 2001.  He served our nation for nine years as a logistics specialist.  While serving aboard  the USS Lake Champlain, in  2005, he received the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. 


Following his Naval career, Kerby earned an A.S. degree in film production technology and later earned his Bachelor’s degree in film from the University of Central Florida. 

His education career spans — from being a financial specialist — to serving as a college success coach with The Education Foundation of Alachua County. Kerby continues to positively impact students as he counsels and guides them towards college access/opportunities and life success. 

In August 2022, Kerby released his debut literary work, Majest and Royal Present: Alphabet Affirmations, an Afrocentric children’s book designed to affirm and teach guiding cultural principles that include service, honor, kindness, and togetherness. 

When he’s not working with students, Kerby enjoys spending time with his sons Langston and Sterling, as well as his wife and best friend, Ayanna. He is also a fan of the University of Florida Gators and the Orlando Magic.

It’s safe to say, when the time comes, the phrase “Bring me a solution” won’t only mean to find a solution to the problem, but to figure out how to overcome it all together. Follow Mr. Kerby on SM. 

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