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My name is Kerby Hypolite, I am blessed to be a husband, father, author, veteran, and a mentor. I have dedicated my life to inspiring and motivating others to reach their highest potential and to reach their goals.

My brand represents my message of inspiring, motivating, and energizing young children and others to be their best selves. I strive to make a positive impact on the world, to bring hope and joy to others, and to spread my message of positivity. Through my books, blog, and public speaking engagements, I am able to share my passion and story with the world.

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My Story

I was born in Nassau, Bahamas, and was sent to live with my father for better opportunities in the United States at the age of five. I was the only child that my mother and father had together, as well as the oldest of all the nine siblings they had between them.  This always made me feel a little out of place sometimes, since I never had a true biological brother or sister.

My father and step mother raised me along with their three children together, we settled in Orlando, Fl and this is where I was raised majority of my upbringing.  We were children of Haitian parents so life was really a struggle for us, we moved many times during my elementary years. In fact, I went to three different schools in a span of five years. Of course, the places we moved to was always in a less desirable neighborhood.  Then in 1995, my parents brought a home and we moved to the Pine Hills area. For those who aren’t from Orlando, let’s just say it’s not all Pines or Hills. 

I graduated from Maynard Evans High School, becoming the first in my family to graduate High School with a diploma, but the journey to getting that was all around turbulent. I was unsure of myself and not having support on how to navigate high school it took a toll on me, and I couldn’t see a future or a present on what life could be for me.  Plus, it didn’t help that I had no one to guide or assist me, and when I did a couple of times reach out to a counselor, let’s just say their negative perception about me gave me all the reason to have a I don’t care attitude.  

I finally decided to do something about my life, only after a Navy recruiter stayed consistent and committed to me, and he was the first person to ever do that.  So, then I signed my life away August 2001 to ship out October 1st 2001. That year was filled with many emotions for me. Fights with my father, meeting my biological mother and my siblings on her side for the first time, still having to do summer school to get my diploma, so I sign my contract to go into the Navy August 29th, and then Aaliyah the singer passes away, and a couple weeks later September 11th happens.  

I completed my Navy chapter in 2009, all I can say about those years was there where a few good days, some bad days, and a lot of ugly days. After getting out I went on to get an A.S. degree from Valencia College and then pursued a B.A. degree from The University of Central Florida.

I’m married to my beautiful wife Ayanna of 7 years and we have two amazing little boys Langston (5yrs old going on 15) and Sterling (2yrs old going on 21), and I’m extremely passionate about being a great husband and father to them, and love spending time with them either cheering loudly for the Florida Gators, or Orlando Magic. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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