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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Kaybia!


Who is Majest & Royal Present: Alphabet Affirmations for?


Children ages two-to six-years-old and their parents will enjoy reading this book.

What was the inspiration for your book?

My inspiration for the book is my own two sons. In reading to them, I wanted to give them an alphabet book that affirmed them in the early stages of learning, so that they could start building confidence early on in their lives. 

What do you want readers to learn from your book?

I want my young readers to learn that people who have strong affirmation in themselves as well as others, will bring out the best in all humanity and together we all can make positive change and impact in the world.


So tell us about Kaybia and how you came up with the concept for this unique Afrocentric Kingdom.

I was inspired by the movie, Black Panther, particularly the land of Wakanda. I wanted to imagine such a kingdom from a child's point of view, while creating something that kids would love to see in a book.

The name was the best part, in deciding what to call the Kingdom, my oldest son Langston pronounced my name after reading a piece of mail, and instead of Kerby, he called me Kaybia. Once I heard it, I knew that was the name for the Afrocentric Kingdom.

Explain the back and forth between sibling heirs Majest and Royal.

This was so much fun! Just knowing my kids go back and forth at times, as most siblings do, I had to incorporate some “snide” remarks to capture this with Majest and Royal. I also want readers to know although they are heirs, they’re still kids. Additionally, their back and forth is always done in love and in peace because they still uplift and encourage each other, which is the Kaybian way.

What is the Kaybian Creed?

The Kaybia Creed is the cultural lifestyle of the kingdom. The Creed states:  “Together we strive, together we’re strong, and together we’re better than ever.” 

To this end, we’re teaching the next generation (and future generations) the importance of togetherness, in all things (family, work, play, education, and community). Furthermore, it goes back to a time when we said, “it takes a village” but actually putting service, honor, kindness, and togetherness into our daily practice. 

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