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Interactive Read Aloud 


Contact Mr. Kerby today to schedule an interactive read aloud of his exciting book "Majest & Royal present: Alphabet Affirmations". Readers will escape to the Kingdom of Kaybia and learn the importance of honor, service, and togetherness. They’ll also learn the Kaybian Creed.

“Together we strive, together we’re strong, and together we’re better than ever.” 


The Kaybian Way Mentorship Experience

Ready for your young prince to experience cultural guidance? Participants, grades 6-12 will participate in various activities and master key principles of the Kaybian Creed through coming of age conversations and practicing:

  • Honor

  • Service

  • Kindness  

  • Togetherness

  • Leadership 

Additionally, participants will learn about jauntiness [fashion] and social graces. Contact Mr. Kerby for more information! 

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